Because the medical coverage provision for each participant is not enough to cover the costs of each treatment.


Any person or organization that identifies with a project and shares its values can add their financial support so that it can continue to grow.


Although the majority of attendees have Obra Social or another type of coverage, ASAC provides rehabilitation for those who do not have it as well. In order to work with them, ASAC develops fundraisers that allows us to guarantee support.


ASAC accepts blind people and people with low vision from age 15 onwards for Comprehensive Functional Rehabilitation, Low Vision Rehabilitation, and Day Center modalities.


Yes, we request that the participant has completed secondary education, has independent mobility, and is between 18 and 40 years old.

  • Have Obra Social and a Unique Certificate of Disability (if you don’t have one, each person receives an orientation about the process).
  • An interview with Social Service.
  • Intake interviews with the professional team.

Decisions about payment method are made jointly with participants according to their wishes, possibilities, and needs.

No, ASAC is open every day of the year.


Join us– we need you!

We invite you to be a part of ASAC! With your collaboration, we can help many more people with visual disabilities.