Our work

Comprehensive Functional Rehabilitation

The objective is to maximize the development of personal autonomy with coordinated interventions of treatment evaluation, design, and follow-up.

The rehabilitation responds to the abilities, needs, and desires of each person with the intervention of our multidisciplinary team.


We offer accommodation for self-reliant blind people and people with low vision who are houseless or experiencing socio-familial issues.

The home provides:

  • Accommodation (shared bedrooms with private bathrooms).
  • Meals.
  • Specialized care and attention.
  • Professional assistance and guidance: Occupational Therapist, Psychologist, Social Worker.
  • Health services (clinical, nutritional and psychiatric). On-site nurse.
  • Support for an independent life.
  • Support in daily life activities.
  • Internal recreation.
  • Laundry service.

Low Vision Rehabilitation

We work so that people with low vision reach their maximum level of visual efficiency with meaningful support and action. It is a short-term, individual process.

In every case, ASAC offers follow-up and accompaniment for participants in their functional activities.

Job training

This service provides the skills people with visual disabilities need to increase their odds in the job market using technology.


Day Center

ASAC’s Day Center is a space where blind people and people with low vision can attend and participate in activities according to their personal interests and abilities, for example: carpentry, ceramics, physical education, crafts, music, and many others. We also organize cultural and recreational outings.

The general objectives of the Day Center are:

  • Maintain and encourage active participation in the participant’s social context and daily life.
  • Stimulate socialization.
  • Support and guide the family.